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Installation & Dismantle Labor

To make sure your booth is built right and on time, you need to work with an I&D company who understands union regulations, venue rules, industry associations and local laws, as well as industry best practices, and applies them all during exhibit set up. With more than fifteen years of experience as an exhibitor appointed contractor installing and dismantling booths of all sizes, Maximus Service knows what it takes to do the job right, the first time.

I&D Services

  • Trade show exhibit set up, tear down, and clean up
  • Assistance with show forms and electrical layouts
  • Packing and shipping trade show displays and booths


What does an installation and dismantle partner do?

Installation and dismantle companies specialize in building, breaking down, and cleaning up booths at trade shows and conferences.

I&D partners like Maximus Service provide the labor, equipment, supplies and expertise to bring a brand’s vision for a unique exhibit and make it a well-built reality. But not all exhibitor appointed contractors (EAC) are created equally.

To ensure a good show experience, not only for prospective clients and partners but for yourself and staff, it’s important to contract with an experienced installation and dismantle labor provider. You want a partner that demands precision, punctuality and professionalism from their labor pool. Good communication, rigorous adherence to safety protocol, and a perfectionist’s eye for detail differentiate Maximus Service as one of the most trusted installation & dismantle companies serving the continental United States.

Do I have to work with the I&D companies that the display house partners with?

Some display houses contract with installation and dismantle providers to offer exhibitors a reduced rate on third party services. It’s worth checking, but important to keep in mind that the right I&D labor partner provides more than just a good rate. Precision, professionalism and punctuality, trust and a good reputation differentiate Maximus Service as a leading exhibitor approved contractor.

What is an EAC form?

An EAC form, sometimes called an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor letter, or a Non-Official Contractor Form, is a document designating a third party, rather than the exhibitor itself, as the entity responsible for the installation and dismantle of a booth. This form grants permission and transfers liability to the I&D labor provider.

Most trade shows, conferences and expos now require the completion and submission of this form. You can find it in the Exhibitor Services Manual, or else online.

To ensure Maximus Service has been authorized by the exhibitor as the “Contractor,” the EAC form must be completed and signed by someone at the exhibiting company. Once the EAC form has been submitted to GC or show management, a copy should be sent to Maximus so that certificates of insurance can be obtained.

EAC forms are due before any other document in the Exhibitor Services Manual, sometimes as much as 90 days in advance, but usually about 30 days prior to the installation of the booth (not the show date, but the booth installation date).

What other documents are required to make sure the exhibit set-up process is smooth?

Experienced labor contractors who specialize in setting up a trade show will work with exhibitors to obtain several documents that are crucial to setting up a booth correctly, the first time. These typically include booth specs, graphics orientations and electrical plans.