ReportMax | Maximus makes it easier

Building a better show experience, for you and your team.

At Maximus we’re committed to building great show experiences, not just for our clients’ potential customers and partners, but for our clients, too. That means we’re always looking for ways to make our clients’ jobs easier, which is why we built ReportMax.

ReportMax is an intuitive, mobile-friendly platform that simplifies the show planning process and I&D coordination. With its simple interface and no-nonsense functionality, ReportMax makes it easier for our clients to coordinate jobs with the Maximus team, while providing full visibility every step of the way, no matter where they are.

Whether you’re managing a dozen booths at a single show, or one booth at ten shows, you can access and track it all with ReportMax.


Stay on top of multiple booths and events, with ReportMax’s integrated calendar and task manager.

Document Center

Easily and instantly view and share important documents, from estimates and contracts, to EAC forms and invoices.

Progress Photos

Ensure your assets arrived in one piece and track the progress on your booth’s installation and dismantle, all in one place.


Have a last minute change or question? You can reach out directly to the Maximus lead assigned to your job or send a message through the platform.